The strikers here also mean Marcus Rashford, Anthony

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The strikers here also mean all the wings, Marcus Rashford, Anthony


  • Stays: Marcus Rashford, Anthony, Alejandro Carnacho, Ahmad Diallo Loh: Jadon Sancho, Anthony Martial

    , Mason Greenwood, Anthony Elanka, Vault Wakehorse (loan ends)

The strikers here also mean all the wings. Which will find that this is where United have to work quite a bit, both inbound and outbound.

Marcus Rashford, Anthony and Alejandro Carnacho are sure to stay. As well as 20-year-old winger Ahmad Diallo. Who is star in the Premier League. Sunderland. Who score up to 14 goals, should be encourage to come back as an option for the big set.

For outgoing, in addition to Waight Wakehorst. Who will end the loan contract And should let go without that regret at ufabet

– Jadon Sancho should sold or loane. After two years with the Red Devils have passed. Barely seen the remnants of his top form playing for Dortmund.

– Anthony Martial must sell only When even the footsteps are enough to go to the temple But the problem is physical condition. Falling in pain often like blowing your nose And the contract has only one year left. If you can’t sell it, you have to wait for free to lose.

– Anthony Elanka, I haven’t arrived yet. Many adjustments have made in many aspects. Send it to borrow first, it should be perfect for all parties.

– Mason Greenwood is no exception, as a return to play could be a point of condemnation for the club. and affect the image choose to let go to make money would be better

The first 11 new sets as expected

although may still have to keep an eye on the changing situation of the above What will the old owner and the new owner do? But many people believe. That The Glazer family will not cold-hearted. Cut the budget for this summer’s army to 0, like the last winter market where Erik Ten Hag had to use a way to borrow players from other teams.

If the budget for strengthening the army is reasonable plus another amount of money to get from selling old players. It is expecte. That at least Ten Hag will open the door to welcome at least 3-4 new members.