Ten Hag teases ‘Keane’ when he was in charge of the team and had problems.

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Manchester United boss Eric Ten Hag burned Roy Keane while giving an interview after leading the “Red Devils” to win the FA Cup on Saturday.

Ten Hag gave an interview to Keane and Joe. Leon Lescott on the sideline After taking the agency Beating Manchester City 2-1 in the FA Cup final, Keane

As Ten Hag joined the ITV crew, Keane told the head coach: “You must be proud of them, we’ve always questioned players about their quality at Man United, but character and leadership. ยูฟ่าเบท http://ufabet999.app They showed character today – which I had questioned, and a lot of people have…you shouldn’t listen to them pundits anyway! Take no notice of the pundits.

The Dutchman then responded by saying: “But you told me!” before Keane pointed at fellow pundits Ian Wright and Joleon Lescott and said: “No, them two!”

The United boss then took a dig at Keane’s managerial career as he said: “You had trouble to manage a team!”

told Ten Hag: “You must be proud of the team. We question the quality of the players at Manchester United. United always come But the character and leadership…”

“Today they showed character. which I had asked a question about And there are many people who do that… You shouldn’t have to listen to gurus! Don’t bother the analysts.”

Ten Hag replied: “But you told me!” while Keane pointed the finger at fellow gurus Ian Wright and Lescott and said: “I mean. To these 2 people! Laughing,

Ten Hag then replied to Keane: “You’ve got problems managing the team!”

Keane replied: “Ah, I won the Championship with Sunderland.. . Please compliment me. Come on! Don’t be mean to me!”

Ten Hag tried to explain by saying, “What I’m telling you is…” before Keane cut him off and said, “I agree.” The two laughed together at the joke.