‘Dalic’ insists on grabbing 3rd place for the Croat people to be proud

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Croatian national team coach Zlatko Dalic He admitted that winning third this time was not as important as in 1998, but wanted to make the country proud.

“Chess” had to drop to third place after losing to Argentina in the semi-finals.

Croatia will face Morocco in their final World Cup game and Dalic admits this time may not be as important as 1998, but they are determined to make the whole country proud

. of Croatia It was a great success. It’s considered acceptance. after we just declared independence That was the beginning of a bright period in football success,” he said at a press conference. The UFABET report

Croatia haven’t won a knockout game in normal time at a major tournament since coming third at the 1998 World Cup.

“It was quite exhausting with extra time in two matches, but we’re in the semi-finals of the World Cup and we’re not even discussing exhaustion,” said Dalic.

“We are still strong, with energy and enthusiasm, without a doubt. We are going to give it our all, just as we have done in previous games.

“Now it’s different. We’ve won gold and done more. This World Cup means a lot to us. And we want people in our country to be proud of us.”

“In 1998 it was more important because it was our first time. But God will allow us to do the same tomorrow. And hopefully we will be as successful as we did four years ago. We are a small country. But it has been very successful.”