‘Benzema’ posted a mysterious message against the news

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Does this break the imagination of French football fans or not when Karim Benzema recently posted an ambiguous message? Amid rumors that he may return to help the “Chicken” army in the World Cup The final against Argentina on Sunday,

Benzema returned to Real Madrid and has been training with the squad since last Saturday. Since withdrawing from France before the start of the World Cup tournament in Qatar

However, there have been rumors that Benzema could rejoin Didier Deschamps’ side following the friendly against Leganes in which he played for 30 minutes, the 34-year-old posted. Post a clip of yourself on social media while cycling in the gym. With a short message that says “Determination”

, nevertheless, Benzema posted the latest photo on his own Instagram as if to cover up such rumors. By specifying a short message that “I don’t care”

Benzema is expected to be France’s hopeful at this year’s World Cup. However, he suffered an injury during training and had to withdraw before the start of the tournament. The UFABET report

However, France also had Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud, who performed brilliantly to help Le Bleu. successfully reached the final

For now, it is expected that Benzema will be cheering for his compatriots at home. And prepare to focus on the club, with Real Madrid returning to La Liga against Real Valladolid on December 30.