Getting Life Insurance When You’re Overweight

May 8th, 2014 by J. Trip

Being overweight doesn’t disqualify you for life insurance, but it sure can inhibit you financially. Don’t be discouraged though, because you may have a lot more control over the situation than you think.

Search For The Best Terms And Policies

Go online and try and find the best insurance for your needs, despite the fact that you are overweight. Under any circumstances, it’s still best to shop around for the lowest price on anything and this goes double on life insurance for obese people. While you are going to be facing higher rates due to being overweight, that doesn’t mean you have to settle.

Talk To Your Doctor

Being overweight isn’t healthy for anyone, which means there’s more at stake for you than higher premiums. Ask your physician what the best plan for losing weight is for you, and follow his advice. You may have specific circumstances, such as a slow metabolism or genetic condition, which mandates a special weight loss strategy.

Commit To Losing Weight

You could simply accept the fact that being overweight means paying more for your life insurance, or you can do something about it. This is just another disadvantage in a situation you have some positive control over. Start exercising and eating better, and you will see a difference on the scale. Let that motivate you to get healthier and enjoy not just the physical benefits, but the financial ones as well.

Get Your Policy Updated

After you successfully drop a few pounds, investigate the possibilities with a new policy or an updated one. Whatever the stipulations were that brought the costs up, your new commitment to health should bring down. See what insurance options are available to you now, and take advantage of the improvements. Chances are good that once you see the savings, you’ll have enough motivation to keep the weight off for good.

Life insurance is a necessity for many people. and added costs shouldn’t keep you from getting it. Get the coverage you need now no matter what, but take the steps necessary to improve the rates you’re eligible for, while doing something really good for your health in the process.

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